Here We Go.

Written by: Kaci Thomas

Sunday was the first official gathering of Reunion Church in Downtown Santa Ana - a day that was years in the making - and as I sat in my room reflecting on what lay before me, I realized I felt some conflicting emotions.  

I was absolutely exhausted.  The week leading up to our first gathering was a doozy for the Reunion team.  Between job crises, urgent care visits, and family emergencies, it was miraculous we were all present and accounted for come Sunday afternoon.

Through the exhaustion, however, I felt incredibly excited. I absolutely love the people of Reunion Church, so any time I get to be around them is exciting, but even more exciting was the thought of seeing the dream God had entrusted to us come to fruition.

 I also recognized feeling a sense of loss.  Not a loss I needed to grieve necessarily, but a loss I needed to acknowledge.  The beginning of our official gatherings meant the culmination of our preparation season.  It was go time, and that meant things were changing.  We were taking action and getting some skin in the game (which Satan was obviously not a fan of), and that meant things couldn’t go back to how they were before.  This was the part where we had to put our little baby church out there for everyone to see, and there was no rewind button.  

But now that we’re on the other side of our first gathering, I wouldn’t go back, even if I could. 

Set up went so smoothly, that I had to pinch myself.  Seeing the room transformed to become a visual representation of our community was something I had prayed over for weeks. 

As people began to arrive, I wanted to pinch myself again.  My emotions mimicked those I felt at our first interest meeting as I heard strangers pray with our launch team for the city we’d fallen in love with.  When people buy into the vision and heart of Reunion Church I get chills.  Every time. 

As I stood worshipping and heard the voices around me praising together, I had to take a moment to simply listen and soak it in.  God, you are so good. 

As I watched everyone in the room turn to their neighbors and pray together, I couldn’t wipe the dorky smile off my face, knowing God had the same dorky smile watching his kids introducing themselves and praying together for prodigals to experience true reunion with our Father. 

When all our new friends pitched in to help tear down, I marveled at the ways our values of community and meeting each other’s needs happened so naturally.

Finally, when I sat down at that long table at 4th Street Market and looked at the smiling faces on all sides, breaking bread and sharing a meal together out in our community, I let out a big, satisfied, full breath and thanked God for this journey.  This is what it’s all about.

The best part is, we get to do this again.  Sunday was just the beginning.  I cannot wait to watch as others begin to experience the life-changing community that God’s creating and calling people into.

Here’s where you can get plugged in:

Dinner Party on March 29th – Reach out on social media if you’re interested, and we’ll send you details

Next Monthly Gathering – April 24th at 5pm at the First Presbyterian Church in Downtown Santa Ana

We would love to have you join us for any or all.  Let the party begin!

Nathan David