Meet Megan- Our Involvement Coordinator at Reunion!

Written By: Megan Ezell

For about a year I interned at Rockharbor in the Involvement team.  I loved meeting new people and getting them plugged into the church and using their gifts.  During many services I would hear the pastor mention how Rockharbor is a church that constantly builds people up and sends them out. I started thinking about if that would ever happen to me, but Rockharbor was my home and I was comfortable there.  I couldn't imagine leaving, at least not yet. My internship ended and a few months later I moved to Tustin. The break from ministry was good for me and I learned a lot about myself and my relationship with God, but towards fall I felt a tug to dive back in.  I decided to reach out to Mike Rigdon about his life group that was just down the street in Santa Ana. The first night I attended we did a prayer walk through downtown. I was able to walk through the city and see it from such a different perspective.  I began to see all the potential for God to move and knew that this is where I needed to be in ministry.

A couple of months into being a part of the life group I found myself suddenly needing to move and learned that another girl in the life group, Kaci, also had to move. We began searching for a place to live in Downtown by looking on craigslist and spending weekends driving up and down the neighborhoods praying to see a for-rent sign.  These were some of the hardest weeks I have gone through. I had been comfortable in Tustin and didn't want to move. I enjoyed it there and my life was easy. It was also hard because important people in my life were also uncomfortable with the idea of me moving into Downtown Santa Ana. Friends, family, and coworkers all expressed concern. There were a lot of voices with different opinions on what I should do in this time of change.  Mixed with this was the stress in trying to find somewhere, being turned down at places, and not finding anywhere that felt right. I found myself wondering if Santa Ana was truly where I needed to be. This pulled and tugged at me until I finally hit a breaking point, but it was there in that moment of weakness where I didn't know what to do or where to go that I called out to God the loudest. I slowed down so that I could discern God's voice among the others and as I sat in a quiet time I kept hearing, “be where God is working... wherever God is working is where I need to be.”  Santa Ana is where I saw God working.  Santa Ana is where I needed to be.  

Everything began falling into place.  We found an apartment we loved in the neighborhood we had been hoping for at a cost perfectly in our budget.  Our community provided things we did not have and helped us move in. Everything was working out for us in ways that I could not have imagined. God was showing up, confirming that even though this would not be a comfortable transition He would still be there.  He was calling me out of the comfort that I had gotten used to so that I could be stretched and grow in my strengths again.  I was excited to be in ministry again as we looked at our strengths as a launch team.  I couldn’t wait to see God move and work through Santa Ana and through our team.  We all care about this city so much and are waiting expectantly to see God work through it one person at a time. I never would have thought I would be a part of a church plant in Santa Ana, but there is no where else I can imagine being.

We are so thankful to have Megan as a part of the Reunion team! For more information on how to get involved email Megan at

Nathan David