Letting Our Guard Down

Written By: Megan Ezell

I recently decided to reread Francis Chan’s Forgotten God to compliment Reunion Church walking through Acts together.  I become very self-aware when I study the Holy Spirit due to my past being filled with a large amount of conflict and confrontation surrounding views of the Holy Spirit. As I have been reading Forgotten God, I have to continually keep my mind open and go back to the Bible, but one section caught me off guard, not because it is overly charismatic or overly conservative, but because it made me look at myself in a way I hadn’t in a long time. 

For those brought up with hesitation to the Spirit, Francis Chan asks the reader to reflect on what frightens them specifically about the Holy Spirit.  I always knew I was continually fighting a past fear, but I never actually wrote down what those specific fears were.  The book then encourages you to share those with someone you are comfortable with.  Well, I decided to take that one step further and write them here, hoping it will encourage you to write yours down as well because you 1) are not alone in any questions you may have and 2) can push past fears to find the truth about God and the Spirit. 

So here are my specific fears of letting the Holy Spirit into each aspect of my life fully:

1)     I will lose control of my actions… and I like to be in control.

2)     I will act in a way of self-edification.

3)     I will not know which Spirit is acting through me – this is a big one for me.

4)     I will seem too conservative if I let my fears be known.

5)     I will seem odd and strange in a negative way to family and friends.

After I wrote these down I left them for a week to sit in my head as I went through my days.  And overall, what pressed most on me was that my fears are so silly because the Holy Spirit is so much more than them and I am so sure of all the good that comes from Him, not the fears that come from misinterpretation of Him.  So here is what I know of the Holy Spirit:

1)     He fills me with peace whenever I ask for it.

2)     He loves me and will never leave me.

3)     He lives in me and bring joy to all aspects of my life.

4)     He pushes me to be my best self and to love others as much as I can.

5)     He is worth it in every possible way.

So write down your fears if you have any, but also write down what you know is true of Him, because the Holy Spirit overcomes all fear with truth and love. 

Nathan David