Leave your Bias at the Door

Written By: Megan Ezell

Over the past few weeks, our community has been discussing the heart behind our soon-to-be Resource Center in downtown Santa Ana.  This Resource Center will call each of us to leave our biases at the door so we can walk in and do the work that we are called to do: loving others the way Jesus modeled for us. Together, we’ve looked at the stories of the good Samaritan, the woman at the well, Zacchaeus, and the woman caught in adultery as lessons in what it looks like to love our neighbors. It’s become clear that to do so we must lay down any biases we may hold against one another.

Biases can come from so many different aspects life; we're influenced by our family, culture, or societal norms.  When we take a closer look at each of the above stories we can see Jesus’s heart to break all biases we have for one another and to love those placed in front of us unconditionally.  Over the past few months I have been taking a deeper look at countless different biases – some I was aware of, others I was not.  Some were biases I didn’t realize I had, and as I've been able to recognize them I recognize the need to fully remove them - a process I realize will take some time and humility. We all have deep biases ingrained in us and they will not come out easily.  Nonetheless we need to stop and recognize them when they become apparent.  Doing this will allow us to love others the way God created us to love one another.

As we leave these biases behind, we are able to walk into our purpose, to love everyone with intentional, unconventional love.  The Resource Center is a way we, as the church, can come alongside the community and participate in to the work that God has already begun in Downtown Santa Ana.  It is a chance for us to build relationships with the lonely and the outcast, the forgotten and unseen.  These are children of God who deserve our attention, our time, and our efforts to share with them the love and community we have been so blessed with.

It is also a chance for us to raise finances and tangibly give our resources towards a hope and vision that we have been praying into.  Last week Mike spoke about a significant donation that puts Reunion over the halfway point to our fundraising goal.  He then called us as a church to pray into fundraising the rest.  I often feel like I am on a tight budget, but after spending time thinking about it, there are so many ways to put aside money to give to a vision we believe in and feel God calling us to.  Whether it is not having drinks on a night out, making coffee at home instead of getting it at Starbucks, or skipping out on a new outfit not yet needed, there are many ways to make decisions that free up finances to be given to the Resource Center. 

As Mike has said, if you’re already consistently giving to Reunion, we’re asking you to consider giving above and beyond your current giving.  If you’re giving occasionally to Reunion, we’re asking you to pray about what it would look like to give consistently, and take that plunge to set up a recurring donation.  If you’ve been around a while and have never given to Reunion before, this is an invitation to jump in.  Click here for our giving page, and designate "Resource Center" in the drop-down box!

For more about our Resource Center and our heart for Santa Ana, please check out our podcasts from the Let it be Known series. 

Nathan David