Come As You Are

There are a couple thing you need to know about Reunion Church.

We have always been a come as you are church. Apparently this is what my more experienced Jesus-followers call “Christianese” but that’s the thing about Christianese and cliches: they’re cliches for a reason. Reunion welcomed me with open arms when other Christians did not. Those other Christians led me to hate the church, but they never broke my relationship with the Holy Spirit. Reunion church has a diverse population of people that are all in different parts of their Journey with Christ; we’re a band of quirky, funny, unique, and most importantly, loving humans who all share the passion for bringing truth to everyone in their lives. How much more could we mean, “Come as you are?” 

We mean what we say. Reunion always says they are all about community, but so does every other church out there. What I’ve experienced at Reunion is different though. There have been so many instances where I’ve seen Reunion go all in for their members, and it brings tears to my eyes. We want to build community with you and love you and live life with you. So when Reunion wanted to open a center to further reach out to the community, I was ecstatic, if not a little skeptical. For such a small community, how would we be able to undertake such a huge endeavor? Like God tends to do, he proved my skepticism wrong.

Last Sunday we had our “Vision Sunday” where Mike got to share our heart and mission for our new Family Center. For weeks beforehand, he had mentioned over and over that it was not a day you wanted to miss, as many pastors might say - but boy was he right. Standing in the warehouse of our Family Center watching everyone eat tacos (duh, what else would we serve?) and just catch up on life, I couldn’t help but feel an immense sense of pride and joy. That room was more than just a warehouse space, it was a place of worship; God was with us that day. We had people from all walks of life, all places in their journey, together in one place to celebrate our church’s mission come to fruition - to love the city of Santa Ana one person at a time. I saw people I hadn’t seen in months, laugh and eat together without skipping a beat. I saw people talk to others they’ve seen around but never really gotten to know. I saw kids running around underfoot, completely safe because we all knew someone would watch or help if they needed it. In that moment, as I bit into my el pastor taco, my stomach, heart and our rafters were full and I came to a realization: Reunion Church is home.

It doesn’t matter where any of us come from, how long we’ve had a relationship with Jesus, how long we’ve been coming to church, or what we can offer. All that matters is that we’re a group of people who have come together for the sole purpose of loving others and giving them a helping hand, just as Jesus did. We love the woman at the well. We love the leper, the widow, the criminal...whatever bible trope you want to name, we love them all.

 We are so excited to be opening our Family Center. Knowing we are going to be able to help Santa Ana families in need, in ether material or immaterial ways, warms my heart and leaves me in awe of all the things God has been doing and will continue to do in our church. If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, please let us know.

Thank you to everyone who has helped contribute thus far, and thank you in advance to those of you that will. We can’t wait to welcome you home.

For more info, please email or join us on a Sunday at 10am at Willard Intermediate School!

Nathan David