Reunion Church is made up of Missionary Disciples of Jesus. A Missionary Disciple is someone who is learning to apply the Gospel to every area of their life so that they can share the Gospel with another life.

Reunion groups are our primary tool to grow as Missionary Disciples together. Reunion Groups and are located in homes around DTSA. The Goal is to create an environment where all people can feel welcomed, loved, and grow closer to Jesus.

Reunion Groups follow a rhythm of gathering every month with different focuses each week.

Weeks 1 and 2- Prayer and Bible reading: A time to pray for each other and have discussions about life and the Bible.

Week 3- Dinner Party: each month our Reunion Groups have a meal together as a way of spending time together, and to open the door to anyone interested in finding community. This is a great first space to invite a neighbor, co worker, or friend into the relationships of the Reunion Group.

Week 4- Serving: We often say that Reunion Church is a Monday through Saturday Church with a heart of the community, and the best way to live this out is to be in the community serving and meeting our neighbors. Each group has a unique serve opportunity that they make a priority each month.

If you are interested in joining a Reunion Group email us at