Reunion Kids:

Here at Reunion, we value family and desire to provide space for your family to grow together spiritually.  It is our goal for parents to feel comfortable and confident when bringing their kids to experience God at Reunion Kids. Everything we do and model as a part of Reunion Kids Ministry, is motivated by Reunion Church's values.

● We live on mission :: Reunion Kids were created to live out God’s love in their daily lives.

● We come as we are :: Reunion Kids is a home for everyone!

● We know our neighbors :: Reunion Kids look for opportunities to get to know and love their neighbors!

● We make disciples :: Reunion Kids were each created uniquely and will encourage each other to use their unique gifts and talents for Christ!

● We live radically generous lives :: Reunion Kids help meet each other’s needs!

All our Reunion Kids volunteers have gone through a thorough background check process in order to ensure the utmost safety.

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