Our Story

When I first felt the call to ministry, I knew that God was calling me to work with students. In fact, I loved youth ministry so much that there was a time I thought I would spend my entire ministry career working with students. So it was a surprise to me when my heart began to be stretched towards planting a church. I began to dream of a church that met in a urban setting, and reached the community in a unique way.  As I was sharing my heart and vision for the future with a mentor of mine, he told me that ROCKHARBOR Church in Costa Mesa had recently started a Church Planting Residency. I contacted the director of the residency and over the course of several months of meetings and interviews we were accepted into the program.


After two years of dreaming and praying, God made it clear that he was calling us to plant Reunion Church in Santa Ana. Reunion Church is a church plant of ROCKHARBOR Costa Mesa.  ROCKHARBOR is a church that has made significant Kingdom impact all over Orange County and the world. We have admired, attended, and respected ROCKHARBOR for a long time and attended during our college years at Vanguard University.  ROCKHARBOR believes the local church is the hope of the world and has a long tradition of planting churches in Southern California.


Before I felt compelled to consider Church Planting, I thought similarly as you may be thinking: "Why plant a church when we already have so many in our community?" There are a lot of good answers to that question. One of the most startling statistics is that 60-80% of attendees at a new church plant are unchurched people - meaning they have not previously attended church. Yes, about 1/3 of the attendees will be from other churches, but the quantity of people willing to attend church for the first time and ultimately hear the message of the gospel for the first time far outweighs the congregational shift questions. To read a great article titled "Why Plant Churches" follow the link. 


Over the last 2 years God has given us an overwhelming desire to partner with Him as He RESTORES lives, REDEEMS souls, and RENEWS the city of Santa Ana. We have a passion to see God’s love reach the poor, marginalized, broken, wealthy, and everyone else in between. We believe that each life is a life God is pursuing and never gives up pursuing. We want to start a church whose DNA is rooted in the life of Jesus and seeks to model his life. We observe in the life of Jesus that the best way that love is expressed is by serving others. Simply put: we are a community of Jesus followers who love Santa Ana one person at a time.


There are over 3 million people who call Orange County home - 2 million are unchurched! Santa Ana is the second largest city in the O.C. located at the heart of the county. It  is also the youngest city in Orange County with an average age of 34. As you can see we have an incredible opportunity to reach people who are far from God by starting a new church that seeks to love the people of Santa Ana! Again, statistics show the most effective way to reach the unchurched is through new church plants and that is why we must plant a new church.

Thank you for coming along side of us! Please join us in praying that God will provide all the resources we need over the coming years as we prepare to step out in faith and continue to see God’s Kingdom established here on earth! In accordance to Ecclesiastes 9:10, we are doing this with excellence AND “with all our might!”

I would love to sit down with you and share more about our calling and how you can be a part of our community. It will be a privilege to serve with you. Please find my contact info below.

We are truly blessed to have the greatest friends on earth, and we serve an AMAZING God together.

Thank you for your prayers, support and friendship. If you would like to receive our monthly newsletter with updates please shoot me an e-mail.

In His Grace, Mike & Jessi Rigdon