The Way - Acts 5:12-42

Mike continues on from on last week’s message on holiness and discusses how holiness is a path we all walk on together in community. 

God Is On The Move - Acts 3:1-10

Would you categorize your faith in Jesus as one that is more inclined to spectate or to participate? Mike discusses how the name of Jesus carries life-changing power to the world around us.


The Time Is Now - Acts 2:14-41

Does silence make you feel uncomfortable? Mike explores the purpose of the 400 years of silence and how we are living in the days the prophets dreamed about.

Pentecost - Acts 2:1-13

Nate Miles explores the history of the Holy Spirit. From the beginning the Holy Spirit has been progressing humanity forward and drawing us into deeper relationship with God.

We Are Witnesses - Acts 1:1-11

Mike kicks off our new series in the book of Acts and previews what we will be learning in this new season. 

No One Left Out - 1 Corinthians 12:12-31

Have you ever felt left out? Mike teaches on part 2 of our Vision series, One Body Many Parts and we discover together that Gods desire for us to be an all inclusive church.

What Makes Us Different - Colossians 4:2-6

Mike talks about the next season for Reunion Church and how we as a community can keep moving in the same direction while staying focused on Jesus. 

I Told You So - Luke 24:1-12

God's love doesn't stop at the cross. God's love extends beyond this earth. The cross is just the beginning.

Jonah and God’s Mercy

We take a one week break from our Luke series to hear Pastor Nathan David share the story of Jonah. God’s character is merciful and as he has shown us mercy we are to show mercy to our enemies. 

Leave it Behind - Luke 18:15-30

In order to inherit new life we have to totally be willing to abandon our old ways of living. What are the old things in your life that you can't leave behind? What are you holding onto that is keeping from stepping into the new life that Jesus has for you?

pray always - Luke 18:1-14

Nate encourages us to be persistent and patient in our prayers, always trusting that God is good.