Jonah and God’s Mercy

We take a one week break from our Luke series to hear Pastor Nathan David share the story of Jonah. God’s character is merciful and as he has shown us mercy we are to show mercy to our enemies. 

Leave it Behind - Luke 18:15-30

In order to inherit new life we have to totally be willing to abandon our old ways of living. What are the old things in your life that you can't leave behind? What are you holding onto that is keeping from stepping into the new life that Jesus has for you?

pray always - Luke 18:1-14

Nate encourages us to be persistent and patient in our prayers, always trusting that God is good.

It's Not Over

Jesus desires to bring life to the dead places and dark spaces of your soul.


This week we celebrate stories of healing and life change at Reunion. 

Praying in the Tension - Luke 11:1-13

Jesus teaches us to pray "Your Kingdom Come". The Kingdom of God is both now and not yet, thus prayer is our tool for living in the tension of that reality.

All In Pt. 2 - Luke 10:1-24

Jesus is an equal opportunity God. Jesus sends us out on mission with a message. The mission is to go and the message is peace.

All In - Luke 9:57-62

For Jesus, it is essential that his followers understand the journey he has them on before they embark out on it.

Listen To Jesus - Luke 9:28-36

Mike Rigdon discusses the Transfiguration of Jesus. He builds around the idea that in order to thrive in the valley, we have to spend time on the mountain.