B-Attitudes Luke - 6:17-26

The B-Attitudes are one of the more controversial passages in the Bible. Why are they so important? How do we apply them to our lives? Also, we apologize for the poor audio quality here we will be fixing this asap! Thank you for listening.

Sabbath - Luke 6:1-11

We look into what the meaning of the sabbath is and how Jesus approached it. The sabbath is ultimately about giving life. 


God chose to be with us. Its the greatest act of love in human history. Nate Miles explores God being love and what that means for us!

Luke 2:1-21 Joy

What is the true meaning of joy? Where can we find it? Mike Rigdon explores this in our third week of advent!

Luke 1:39-80 Peace

What is peace? Is it the absence of fear, giving off good vibes, or a state of being? 

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Luke 1:5-38 Hope

God uses the answer to Zechariah and Elizabeth's prayer to be a blessing to all Israel. Their son will be the one to prepare the way for the messiah. 

Luke 4:14-44 Good news for the poor

Jesus emphasized being prepared and ready to fulfill God's plan. The message that he shared was shocking to people and not what they expected to hear. His message is grace, hope, and peace for all people. 

Luke 4:1-13 Testing and the Wilderness

What is being tested in the wilderness? We are either in the wilderness or we are are entering or leaving. Where are you right now and what is God teaching you?

Luke 3:1-20 Prepare the Way

John was put on this planet to prepare the way for Jesus. We can have that same purpose and live out that motivation. 

Luke 1:1-4 An Orderly Account

Is it true? We live in a culture where it is hard to tell what is true. There is so much information available and it isn't easy to tell what is true and what is not true. 

Vision Part 5: We Live Radically Generous Lives

What does it mean to give? Jesus is calling his followers to be generous because he desires our hearts. He is calling us to give our time, give our gifts and talents, and give our resources to bless others.