Family Center

Reunion's Family Center will go back to these core values:

  1. We believe the church is God’s tool for bringing his kingdom here on earth. So we continually look for opportunities to bring His hope, peace, love, joy and ultimately the Gospel as we interact with our neighbors.

  2. All of our initiatives address not only the physical, but the spiritual and relational needs of an individual as well.

  3. All of our initiatives affirm the dignity and gifts of the individual. Always acknowledging that every person is created in the image of God. 

  4. We look to Jesus as our example of a life of ministry

    • Meeting physical needs

    • Spending generous amounts of time with people (reference eating meals)

    • Teaching in the synagogue (church) but devoting the rest of his days to ministry in the community (Monday through Saturday in our context)

We are already in conversations with the Santa Ana School District, the Santa Ana Resource Centers, and other prominent nonprofits in our city as to what the biggest needs and gaps in services are. While some of the specifics are still to be determined before our official launch, it has been continually reiterated that one of the biggest needs for families in our community is basic home needs. We hope to provide not only these items, but relationships as well through the form of classes and other ongoing interactions. Our conversations have also reaffirmed God's leading in this initiative as it is clear the need is so great. This can be discouraging at times to be faced with the realities of our neighbors, but we also know that God can and will use His Church to bring His Kingdom here on earth.